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FindandStay is a home sharing and short-term accommodations marketplace with a big variety of properties to rent in some of the most popular spots in the world. Booking your short-term rental with FindandStay is the easiest, fastest and most practical way. By leveraging intelligent robotics, we guarantee our guests the best search results of their dream Vacation home, and guarantee hosts a lot of options and flexibility.

Book Short-Term-Accommodations with FindandStay for an Ultimate Vacation Experience

FindandStay offers guests searching for their dream vacation home a spectrum of options to choose from in a few easy steps. Guests will choose the house that is tailored to their needs; they can rent villas, apartments, condos, shared rooms, bed and breakfast lodging among others. Whether they are individuals, a family, coworkers, or just friends going on a vacation, there are always great options for them to rent a spectacular short-term accommodation to fulfill their needs. Guests will live, eat, and enjoy their times like locals do. FindandStay provides guests an easy and accessible way to explore the area surrounding the listing through a detailed map showing all attractions, entertainment spots, restaurants, bars and nightlife hubs. Above all, the whole booking process is completed in a hassle-free setting that gives them tailored listings to their wishes. Also, if they need to book an accommodation speedily, they have the option of instant booking that enables them to move further planning other things during their stay.

Current Home-Sharing Market Problems

Searching for or listing a short-term vacation rental in the current house-sharing market is one that is filled with hassles and annoyances. If you are a guest, you will be overwhelmed by the properties that pop up in your search which do not satisfy what you are really looking for. In contrast, if you are a host, you will surely feel that your property is not being given its fair share of visibility. As there are tons and tons of other properties that share the same criteria in the same area or even neighborhood, how do you guarantee that your property will be viewed by the maximum number of guests?

Another problem that causes irritation among hosts is the outrageous commission fees they must pay to list a restricted number of properties that are not guaranteed to be visible as they should be. This is a problem, especially if a host or a property manager wishes to list multiple properties. Another sequential problem would be paying sky-rocketing booking fees. Hosts, property managers, corporate and serviced apartment owners who list multiple properties are curbed to paying a shocking 15%- 35% booking fee every time a property is booked. So, this number is multiplied many times, and the result is chilling.