How It Works

Earch all types or holiday homes

Holiday rentals blend the pleasure of travel with luxuries of a home. They offer more space with privacy and attractive amenities therefore they always are an intelligent choice. Here's how to begin.

  • Plan your holiday: Search for any location on the homepage and plan your travel accordingly. If you have not decided where you want to go then see more destinations worldwide.
  • Explore properties: Our website has a wide range or properties with photos and availability. You can see the number of bedrooms, amenities and local attractions.
  • Book Now: Click on "Book Now" tab and fill the necessary information and an email containing queries will be sent to property owner.
  • Interact with rentals: Ask questions before you rent a property. Interact with at least 6 rental owners or managers to ensure you can reserve the home you want.

Make a reservation

You will start getting response from rental owners after you will contact them through our website. You can now confirm rates and availability by yourself. And then of course you can make a reservation.

  • Sign a letting agreement: Rental owner will send a rental agreement to you that will help everyone to understand rates, booking or cancellation policies and check-in/check-out procedure for your stay.
  • Make a deposit: Rental owners may ask for an advance payment to ensure the booking. So make a deposit as asked.
  • Make secure payment: We suggest all renters to avoid paying money through wire transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram. You can pay by Credit Card or PayPal instead.
  • Safeguard your holiday: Get your holiday insured by a trustworthy insurance agent or company. It reduces your stress during holiday.
  • Contact us: If you still have more questions about anything then contact us and we will give you an appropriate advice.

Check-in and enjoy your holiday

It is time for holiday now. We suggest you to follow these guidelines in order to have a wonderful stay.

  • Get the keys: Most rentals use either a lock box or keep keys at a central property management office. Make sure you know where to receive the keys upon your arrival.
  • Explore the destination: Do some research about the place before you plan your holiday. Our website is extremely useful to know about local events and attractions.
  • Be an ideal guest: All the properties that you see on our websites are actual homes, so enjoy your stay like you do at your house. Do not forget to neaten it before you leave.