Create Advert Guidelines

After you have completed your owner account, you can start making your property Advert using our simple step wizard. Fill in all the relevant details to describe your property, upload pictures and set your rates

Create a new Account :

  • ✓ Go to and click on the upper right corner on 'Advertise Now'
  • ✓ Now you can take our Advertiser Tour or you can start creating your advert by clicking on 'Get Started'
  • ✓ Choose your login details and password
  • ✓ Add your personal information
  • ✓ Now you can complete your advert by using our simple steps wizard
  • ✓ The progress bar in upper right corner will show how far you are in the progress of creating your advert.
  • ✓ The most important thing when advertising your holiday home is making sure that guests are able to contact you to enquire about renting your property.

  • Create a new Account :

    Each property advert that you list can contain the following contact details :

  • ✓ Your name
  • ✓ Contact numbers
  • ✓ The languages you speak

  • You can change these contact details in the Owner account > ‘Account and Settings’ and ‘Profile Settings’. Your contact details will be updated for all of your adverts

    And of course, guests can fill in the enquiry form to send you an email with their request. You will receive a copy of each enquiry to your email, as well as see the request in your Owner 'Enquiries' section